DGYAO Red Light Therapy 880nm Infrared Light Pain Relief Device Laser Lipo Belt

DGYAO Red Light Therapy 880nm Infrared Light Pain Relief Device Laser Lipo Belt

DGYAO Red Light Therapy 880nm Infrared Light Pain Relief Device Laser Lipo Belt
DGYAO 880nm Near Infrared Red Light Therapy Helmet Hair Loss Regrowth Device. DGYAO Red Light Therapy Infrared Mitten Gloves for Arthritis Hand Pain Relief. DGYAO Red Infrared LED Light Therapy Bulb, Anti Aging Device for Face Skin Pain.

DGYAO 880NM Red Light Infrared Therapy Foot Toe Nerve Pain Relief Slipper Device. DGYAO Near Infrared Therapy Lamp Device Knee Elbow Joint Heating Pad Pain Relief. Infrared Red Light Therapy Panel Device for Full Body Arthritis Pain Relief 4Pad.

DGYAO 880nm Near Infrared Red Light Therapy Wrap Brace Pad Calf Leg Pain Relief. Red Light Therapy Device for Shoulder Back Pain Relief Flexible Wrap Pad Belt. DGYAO Infrared Red Light Therapy Wrap Belt Pad for Back Neck Pain Relief Device. 3 IN 1 880nm&660nm Infrared Red Light Therapy for Low Back Pain Relief Wrap Belt.

DGYAO 660nm red light & 880nm. Visible red lights (660 nm) & 65.

Invisible NIR lights (880 nm). Near-infrared LEDs appear unlit because they're invisible to naked eye. However, they are just as powerful as the red light and penetrate body deeper. Soft SBR pad and adjustable lumbar support wrap to around the target area for hands-free and focused treatment in office or at home. Wrap any part of your body.

Come with 2 velcro straps, the long one for your back, hip and the short one for neck, arm, chest, shoulder, knee and elbow. Auto shut-off timer (20 minutes). Do not exceed 40 minutes of use in one therapy session, cool your body and have some water before the next applying. Herapy Product (DGYAO Infrared LED Therapy) benefits.

Safe for all types of skin. Improves hydration and oxygenation of the tissues. SAFE & NATURAL PAIN TREATMENT. OTC class II medical device.

Enhances recovery from exercise or injury. Accelerates healing, soothes pain, and relaxes muscles. Medical-grade LED lights reach deep into joints and soft tissue.

Near infrared light therapy works exactly the same way red light therapy works. Invisible near infrared energy are absorbed by muscle, subcutaneous tissue, which results in THERMAL EFFECT. Your body responds to this radiation heat with increased blood flow, allowing the parts of the body to receive the oxygen and nutrients they need in order to function more effectively, regeneration is stimulated. Infrared treatment can improve blood circulation, increase phagocytosis of cells, eliminate swelling and promote inflammation dissipation when treating chronic inflammation. Stick the light pad to the lumbar support wrap or velcro straps.

Connect the units in the following order: light pad? Put the plug into the socket. After 20 minutes, the pad will light off automatically.

1 X 13.8 Inch (L) 8 Inch (W) Flexible Pad Include 52pcs Red lights & 65pcs IR lights 1 X DC Cord 1 X Auto Shut-Off Timer (20 Minutes) 1 X AC Adapter (AC 100-240V) & Power Cord 2 X Velcro Straps (1 Long & 1 Short) 1 X 47 Inch DGYAO Lower Back Adjustable Lumbar Support Wrap. It still works well when there are three or less lights off. Do not strike or step on the lights system for it may damage the lights. Please make sure your skin is cool and dry when using the lights wrap. NOT wet the light system, clean it Only with the wet towel (not much water) - Avoid exposing the light system directly to the sun, wet or heated area.

Avoid direct contact to the eyes, not intended for wrapping on the face. We will give you our best price.

If you we are not satisfied with the product or service, please contact me and don't give us negative or natural feedback, We must give you a satisfactory solution. Your comment is very important in our business success. We must give you a satisfactory solution.

We will try our best to solve your problem. Because we believe Anything can be resolved through communication. Return items MUST have all ORIGINAL packaging and accessories. We will replace items which are malfunctioning, for 60 days from the date you received.

We ONLY Accept Quality Problem return. Return requests as " I don't like it", "I don't want it", "it is wrong size or doesn't fit" are not accepted.

We are willing to respond to your inquiry in 24 hours usually. Your recognition is our motivation in developing our small company and improving our service for each customer. Frequently Asked Questions Q1: What should therapy feel like? A1: You should feel mild warm-up on your body and muscle relax. Q2: How often should I use the wrap? A2: You may apply it for 1-3 times per day, 20 minutes each time. Take a rest and drink some water to relax yourself before next following use.

Q3: Does it has both red and infrared lights? 65 near infrared + 52 red. Q4: How many lights are there on the pad? Q5: What is the demension of the system? A5: 13.8"×8" Therapy area.

Q6: How long is the connector strips? A6:Total 15 ft (4.56 meters) Q7: Does it need to be plugged into the socket? Q8: How long will it take to experience relief? A8: We recommend wearing it for 2-3 therapy sessions per day for the first month. Please be patient because it may take several weeks to experience optimal relief.

Q9: Can I use this with pain medications? A9: Speak to your doctor about your pain medication use in conjunction with our wrap. Q10: Are there side effects? You may experience the skin irratation if you're allergic to the fibers. Q11: Can I place the device on my legs or foot?

The wrap is designed for any part of the body (except for face and head) Q12: Can people with heart disease or heart pacemaker use it? Q13: What situations should I not use the therapy? A13: When you suffer high fever, tumour, open tuberculosis, heart disease, acute soft tissue injury. Q14: Can I use it while eating? Q15: Can I use it while sleeping?

A15: Yes, but pay attention to not treading or pressing on the light. Q16: Can multiple people share the device?

The device can be used by different people and your pets too if you like. Q17: What's the wavelenth of the lights? A17: 660nm in red lights and 880nm in infrared lights.

Q18: Can I wear it on my face and head? The system is not intended for wearing on face and head. Q19: Can it be good for face therapy? A19: Yes, red lights help you on the face. Please put the pads in front of you, somewhere at the desk.

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DGYAO Red Light Therapy 880nm Infrared Light Pain Relief Device Laser Lipo Belt

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