Breast Cup Enlargement Butt Vacuum Therapy Massage Body Shaping Beauty Machine

Breast Cup Enlargement Butt Vacuum Therapy Massage Body Shaping Beauty Machine

Breast Cup Enlargement Butt Vacuum Therapy Massage Body Shaping Beauty Machine
Manicure & Pedicure Tools Kit. Nail Dryers & UV/LED Lamps. Laser Hair Removal & IPL. A beautiful investment, a gift of love! Item Type: Vacuum breast massager.

Power output voltage: 12 V. Power output current: 2 A. Size: 21.5178.6cm/ 1 Gua Sha cupping cup airway.

Use up to 27 cups to give yourself a thorough full-body massage. The breast care cups, liposuction heads, private cups, face cups, scraping cups and cupping cups in this set can used in conjunction with the chest cup airway, liposuction head airway and Gua Sha cupping cup airway to provide you with a unrivalled massaging experience. Applicable to all parts of your body. Facial massage, neck massage, legs/ arms massage, breast massage, scraping/ cupping massage on back and foot massage-no matter what kind of massage you want on which part of the body, our products are sure to give you satisfaction.

It is like a versatile, experienced massagist who quietly meets all your massaging needs. The major 2 modes of this massager. It can stimulate muscle cells via strong suction to promote their development. This massage mode works wonders for enlarging breasts and buttocks and we highly recommend it for you.

Of course, choose a suitable cup on other parts of your body and you'll get the same satisfying results. The other mode of this massager. This mode helps to dredges the channels and collaterals to promote blood circulation-it is a traditional therapy that has been used in china for thousands of years.

When combined with high suction driven by negative pressure, cupping and scraping mode can easily suck out dampness and toxins in body. This mode exert a much better effect on lifting skin on face and body, improving blood circulation, slimming, relieving pain in back, shoulder, joint and neck and reducing stress. We adopt top-notch stainless steeal, non-toxic PC and durable ABS to manufacture this product, endeavoring to enable this massager to serve you for as long as you wish.

Clean skin and apply essential oil or gel. Choose a cup or head and connect it to the corresponding airway and the main machine. Rotate the negative pressure adjustment button to adjust intensity. Note: Time- and the rhythm of. Cannot be set to 0. An be used for the neck or other small areas. Medium-size liposuction head: of the widest range of use.

Can be used to dredge the channels and collaterals on hand. Large-size liposuction head: must be used on a large area of the skin to achieve an ideal effect. Can be used for back or legs dredge. People with varicose veins are prohibited to use this product.

Do not use during pregnancy or menstruation. Do not use on wound skin. For patients with hypoglycemia or hypertension, please consult a doctor before use. It is not recommended to be used after a meal when blood is concentrated in digestive system. It is recommended to start with a low degree of negative pressure to avoid discomfort caused by excessive suction.

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Breast Cup Enlargement Butt Vacuum Therapy Massage Body Shaping Beauty Machine

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